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    This is it, the Suzhou kennel of the Hash House Harriers. For those not familiar with the club; the Hash House Harriers are a loosely-organized group of adults who meet regularly, to play a game based on the principle of Hare and Hounds. The hares go out running and lay a trail and the hounds run behind and try to follow. There is no race or competition; the fun is in the group following of the trail and in the camaraderie over beer and food afterwards. All those who like running or hiking and meeting people, (and who don't frown upon indulging in a pint or two), are welcome. And yes, we are a non-profit organization and use our very cool t-shirts and Hash Haberdashery to fundraise so as to keep our travel and operating costs to a minimum. Visit us at http://www.whatsoninsuzhou.com.cn/go/szh3/.

    Anniversary patches Suzhou H3

    20 RMB

    Hash baseball cap Suzhou H3

    20 RMB

    White short-sleeved T Suzhou H3

    85 RMB

    Yellow long-sleeved T-shirt Suzhou H3

    120 RMB

    Black long-sleeved T-shirt Suzhou H3

    120 RMB

    Blue short-sleeved T-shirt Suzhou H3

    95 RMB