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    Kit4Sport.net is more than just a wholesale outlet for high-quality made-to-order team uniforms, polos, jerseys, patches, caps and ther kit. Kit4Sport is designed to also function as a fundraising platform for sports teams and clubs. The Kit4Sport.net crew gets the lowest possible prices for its memer teams and clubs. That allows the members to then sell their gear at fundraising prices that are still reasonable. Kit4Sport.net member clubs can then use the proceeds for the benefit of their own teams.

    Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]
    How can our team become a member?
    Any team, club or organization that has made a bulk purchase through Kit4Sport.net will automatically bcome a member.

    How can Kit4Sport.net help us fundraise?
    Kit4Sport.net can help in two ways; one by getting you the best-possible quality kit at the lowest-possible cost to your team. Secondly, Kit4Sport.net provides you with an online platform by giving you your own club webpages to sell your items to a wider public, not just to your own team members.

    How can people who want to buy our team t-shirts and swag contact us?
    Your Kit4Sport.net club pages have an online order form that will be automatically forwarded to you when someone who is interested in one of your items fills it out and clicks 'submit'. You are then in direct contact and can set up the sale terms in a way that's convenient for you.

    We buy out kit from Kit4Sport.net for a good price, but I don't see how that helps us fundraise?
    The Kit4Sport.net platform allows to you to deal directly with your supporter or customer and set your own price for your items.

    Can I set a discount for my own team members if they want to buy something from our site?
    Sure, you can set a discount price that you can then use for team members.

    I don't know anything about web design and setting up an online shop. Is this a problem?
    Not at all. Kit4Sport.net will set up your Kit shop for you to start off and then you can use your user name and password to get into the user-friendly admin section and make changes as you see fit. No web design knowledge necessary!

    Our club bought just t-shirts from Kit4Sport.net but we would like to buy some of the first aid items too. Can we also put kinesio tape and hit spray on our Kit shop pages for our members to buy?
    Yes, of course you can, but note that you can only put up items that you have already purchased. So first your club would need to buy the items you like and then you can use them to fundraise in your Kit shop.

    We would like to let our members pay by Paypal. Can we set this up on our Kit shop?
    Yes, you can but because you will need to check your stock and confirm your orders manually, you will forward your Paypal link directly to your customers when you send them your order confirmation.